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Authentic Home-Style Cooking

Sultan Of Lancaster Restaurant

At the Sultan of Lancaster we believe a meal is made special by having friends and family at your table, the correct atmosphere, good service and the aroma of well-prepared food enticing one to have a bit more. When someone walks through the Sultan of Lancaster Restaurant entrance they can do nothing but simply admire the exquisite décor and enticing restaurant atmosphere. The glorious ceiling, ornate pillars, hand-crafted screens and detailed features are there to be marvelled at. With a few more steps, be ready to be welcomed and seated by courteous and caring staff. If you are new to the pleasures of Indian food, staff will assist with menu choice and to guide through the range of spices and meal variations on offer. The Sultan of Lancaster’s authentic home-style cooking uses only natural spices and ingredients that ensure culinary satisfaction. So if you want to impress your friends and family you do not need to go further than the Sultan of Lancaster.

Dining in a relaxed atmosphere

Experience a relaxed dining atmosphere with a great value and friendly service.

We Are Open 7 Days A Week

Our Chefs and friendly staff are at your service from 5pm to 11pm daily.

Award Winning Chef

Enjoy a well-deserved meal in the Restaurant served by the Sultan of Lancaster’s very own award-winning chef, Naim Munshi.

Family Oriented & Child Friendly

We are a very family oriented and child friendly restaurant, you can enjoy your meal with your family members and your children.

No need to go further
Than the Sultan of Lancaster