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Deliver Information and Charges


Chicken Tikka £3.75
Lamb Chop Tikka £3.75
Meat Samosa £3.25
Vegetable Spring Roll V £3.25
Vegetable Samosa V £3.25
Seafood Samosa £3.25
Tandoori Chicken £3.75
Chicken Pakora £3.75
Vegetable Patra V £3.25
Mushroom Pakora V £3.25
Onion Pakora V £3.25
Potato Pakora £3.25
Seek Kebab ` £3.25
Shammi Kebab £3.75
Select From The Main Ingredients and Choose Your Dish

All curry dishes include a choice of one from the following:
Pilau Rice, Naan Bread or Chapattis (2)









Shahi Korma

A very mild curry, delicately spiced sauce with fresh cream, coconut, nuts & saffron.


A medium strength dish originating from the Moghul empire, cooked with lentils giving a creamy textured sauce.

Rogan Josh

A very mild curry, delicately spiced sauce with fresh cream, coconut, nuts & saffron.


A spicy, very savoury dish in which Tandoori sauce is used to create a special taste.

Shahi Biryani

A rice delicacy, cooked with Pilau Rice, garnished with almonds, fried onions, served with a curry sauce.

Madras Vindaloo

Made with fresh, hot spices – sparingly in the Madras dishes – freely in the very hot Vindaloo dishes.

Sultan Mix

A combination of lamb chops, chicken tandoori & tikka, seek kebab, samosas & pakoras served with raita & salad

Chicken Tikka Special

Pieces of chicken marinated in a tangy spice, cooked on skewers & served on a bed of rice with salad & sultan sauce

Sultan Balti Special

A traditional curry cooked using its own distinctive herbs & spices, with special focus on lemon & fresh corriander (Lamb / Chicken / Prawn / Veg)

Karahi Gosht

A spicy, traditional lamb meat cooked in a combination of fresh ingredients

Palak Gosht

Lamb curry, cooked like karahi, predominantly flavoured spinach

Kashmiti Kofta

A really delicious minced lamb curry in a very rich sauce, cooked with spring onion & peppers

Tikka Masala

Choice of chicken or king prawn, barbecued in a spicy special Tandoori Masala sauce, cooked with fresh herbs

Salmon Masala

A very special spicy dish cooked with fresh herbs, lemon & spices, served on a bed of rice & salad

Desi Prawns

A spicy dry dish stir fried with fresh spring onion, tomatoes & herbs

King Prawn Kebabs

King prawns, marinated in spicy sauce, barbecued & served with Tandoori sauce on a bed of rice & salad

Fruit & Veg Tikka Masala
£8.50 (v)

A mild curry cooked with a creamy Tandoori sauce using fruit and vegetables

Vegetarian Thali
(serves 2)

A selection of Chefs vegetarian dishes served with rice, naan, papadoms & relishes

Aubergine Masala £4.95
Mushroom Masala £4.95
Chick Pea Masala £4.95
Bhindi (Okra) £4.95
Spinach & Paneer £4.95
Aloo Gobi £4.95
Tarka Dhal £4.95
Djal Makhni £4.95
Papadom £0.45
Chapatti £0.75
Naan Bread (Garlic/Plain/Peshwari*) £1.95
Pialu Rice £1.95
Fries £1.95
Selection of Pickles & Chutneys £1.50