Chicken Kebab £3.75
Chicken Tikka £4.25
Lamb Chop Tikka £4.25
Meat Samosa £3.75
Vegetable Spring Roll V £3.75
Vegetable Samosa V £3.75
Seafood Samosa £3.75
Tandoori Chicken £4.25
Tandoori Chicken £4.25
Chicken Pakora £4.25
Vegetable Patra V £3.75
Mushroom Pakora V £3.75
Onion Pakora V £3.75
Potato Pakora £3.75
Seek Kebab ` £3.75
Shammi Kebab £4.25
Select From The Main Ingredients and Choose Your Dish

All curry dishes include a choice of one from the following:
Pilau Rice, Naan Bread or Chapattis (2)









Shahi Korma

A very mild curry, delicately spiced sauce with fresh cream, coconut, nuts & saffron.


A medium strength dish originating from the Moghul empire, cooked with lentils giving a creamy textured sauce.

Rogan Josh

A very mild curry, delicately spiced sauce with fresh cream, coconut, nuts & saffron.


A spicy, very savoury dish in which Tandoori sauce is used to create a special taste.

Shahi Biryani

A rice delicacy, cooked with Pilau Rice, garnished with almonds, fried onions, served with a curry sauce.

Madras Vindaloo

Made with fresh, hot spices – sparingly in the Madras dishes – freely in the very hot Vindaloo dishes.

Sultan Mix

A combination of lamb chops, chicken tandoori & tikka, seek kebab, samosas & pakoras served with raita & salad

Chicken Tikka Special

Pieces of chicken marinated in a tangy spice, cooked on skewers & served on a bed of rice with salad & sultan sauce

Sultan Balti Special

A traditional curry cooked using its own distinctive herbs & spices, with special focus on lemon & fresh corriander (Lamb / Chicken / Prawn / Veg)

Karahi Gosht

A spicy, traditional lamb meat cooked in a combination of fresh ingredients

Palak Gosht

Lamb curry, cooked like karahi, predominantly flavoured spinach

Kashmiti Kofta

A really delicious minced lamb curry in a very rich sauce, cooked with spring onion & peppers

Tikka Masala

Choice of chicken or king prawn, barbecued in a spicy special Tandoori Masala sauce, cooked with fresh herbs

Salmon Masala

A very special spicy dish cooked with fresh herbs, lemon & spices, served on a bed of rice & salad

King Prawn Kebabs

King prawns, marinated in spicy sauce, barbecued & served with Tandoori sauce on a bed of rice & salad

Desi Prawns

A spicy dry dish stir fried with fresh spring onion, tomatoes & herbs

Fruit & Veg Tikka Masala
£11.95 (v)

A mild curry cooked with a creamy Tandoori sauce using fruit and vegetables

Vegetarian Thali
(serves 2)

A selection of Chefs vegetarian dishes served with rice, naan, papadoms & relishes

Aubergine Masala £5.95
Mushroom Masala £5.95
Chick Pea Masala £5.95
Bhindi (Okra) £5.95
Spinach & Paneer £5.95
Aloo Gobi £5.95
Tarka Dhal £5.95
Djal Makhni £5.95
Papadom £0.50
Chapatti £0.95
Naan Bread (Garlic/Plain/Peshwari*) £2.25
Pialu Rice £2.25
Fries £2.25
Selection of Pickles & Chutneys £1.50

Lentil Soup
£3.95 (v)

Served with roll & butter

Prawn Cocktail

Selected Norwegian prawns served on a bed of lettuce, topped with sauce & garnished

Garlic Mushrooms
£3.95 (v)

Served on a bed of lettuce

Hummus Bi Tahini
£3.95 (v)

Chick pea & sesame dip served with hot pitta bread

Salmon Cleopatra

Served with succulent Norwegian prawns

Deep Fried Scampi

Selected scampi served with tartare sauce & lemon garnish

Shishlik Chicken Kebab

Barbequed chicken with vegetables, marinated with herbs and set on a bed of rice with Sultan sauce & salad

Chicken A La Creme

Chicken breast cooked in cream & mushroom sauce

Prawn Provencale

Prawns in tomato based sauce, cooked with garlic, onion & herbs

Vegetarian Fry
£12.95 (v)

Vegetarian stir Fry, served with nuts & topped with fresh Greek yoghurt

In the field of medicine and nutrition Muslims also excelled with their system of botanical medicine and dietetics developed by ‘IBN SINA’, Prince of Physicians known in the West as AVICENNA’. His book ‘Canon of Medicine’ is the most famous book in medical history and has maintained its authority for more than a thousand years. He has pioneered a system whereby emphasis is shifted from treatment to prevention and maintenance of health. Inshallah, we trust you will receive pleasure from observing the different styles of Islamic ornamentation, food and customary service.