Meet The Team

About Us

Our underlying success is attributed to our dedicated employees, an outstanding brand that has built a reputation for high standards and authenticity, a great business model and a clear sense of who we are.
We understand and appreciate core values, values that have been forged over the last 1, 400 years and are founded on the teachings of the Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be upon Him).

At the heart of this guidance is the belief that each and every person co-exists for the benefit of mankind. Intricate levels of detail about all aspects of social or moral etiquette and commercial behaviour further reinforce this fundamental notion.

Adhering to these values forms the basis of a way of life and one that if followed will bring success in whatever one pursues; take for example, the Sultan of Lancaster success story.

As the Sultan of Lancaster ventures on a greater journey towards becoming a leading food service brand, we will look to these core values for guidance and recognise they will be invaluable when faced with opportunities or challenges that lay ahead.


Our Heritage

Originally a disused church building, the transformation into the Sultan of Lancaster has restored the structural magnificence of the building. The structure is of outstanding beauty and is regarded as one of the focal points in Lancaster. The ornamentation and decoration is of original design created within the Islamic code of practice and adapted to regional influences.


Sultan of Lancaster views community support and development as an important social and commercial commitment.

We actively raise the awareness and understanding of our core values by providing people the pleasure and beauty of life through exceptional food and art. This is our way helping to nurture understanding and give back to the community.

As a food service business we work to keep product authenticity and more importantly our prices in check so that we may be accessible to people of a wide range of means and backgrounds.

Also we make extra effort to give back to the community through donations of gift certificates to non-profit schools, social agencies, environmental organisations and community groups.

As individuals, we involve ourselves in our local community – working with schools, colleges, city council and local charities.

In addition, we host fund-raising events and annual dinners on behalf of numerous organisations and local support agencies.

Sultan Decor

All the ornamental decorations are original designs created within the limits of Islamic code of practice together with their adaptation to regional influences

In ancient times art was the expression of the religious feelings of the people. When Islam was proclaimed, in the 7th century A.D the emegence of the Islamic art commenced. This new art spread rapidly to the West from Arabia to Egypt, Turkey, Morocco and Spain, and the east from Syria, Mesopotamia and Persia to India. The styles of design varied according to the influence exerted by local traditions. Yet in all these Islamic countries there remained one universal rule which was rarely departed from, and that was the absolute prohibition of natural representation of men and animals.

These restrictions envolved remarkable conceptions of geometric design which was completely different from anything created before. This style of the art reached a very high degree of perfection in the 9th century A.D particularly in Morocco and Spain, culminating in the creation of the pointed arch with double curves forming the “ORGIVE” with the curves spreading at the sides (see the images). This original conception together with the decorative application of the moon and stars became very early symbols of the Islamic faith and culture.